Cembrit is a leading European manufacturer and distributor of fibre cement products employing 1,100 people in more than 20 countries. Fibre cement is characterised by several attractive product features, including, low maintenance, high durability and a competitive price level.

About the company

Cembrit offers a wide range of products and solutions for roofing as well as exterior and interior cladding. Cembrit provides complete installation systems for commercial and residential housing – in both new build and renovation projects. Cembrit is headquartered in Aalborg, Denmark, and has large scale, highly automated manufacturing in Finland, the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary.

Our strategy

Solix intends to continue to develop Cembrit as the leading distributor and manufacturer of fibre cement products in Europe. Cembrit is strongly positioned to benefit from the underlying growth in the building materials market and Solix intends to accelerate growth through new products and services, cross-selling initiatives and significant investments in manufacturing footprint and R&D.