Dynasafe is a leading provider of services and products within the global market for disposal of Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear explosives (CBRNe) and has more than 500 employees and contractors.

About the company

The company operates through three business units:

Area Clearance

Provides unexploded ordnance risk mitigation and clearance and disposal of unexploded ordnance, including cluster munitions, land- and sea mines, IEDs, and other dangerous ordnance.

Services include consulting, investigation, detection, risk assessment and training.

Protection Systems

Designs and manufactures advanced containment systems and solutions for mitigation and destruction of threats from unexploded ordnance or explosives.

Demilitarisation Systems

Designs and manufactures tailor-made system solutions for safe dismantling, recycling, destruction and disposal of conventional and chemical weapon stocks, and provides associated services.


Our strategy

Solix intends to continue to develop Dynasafe as the global market leader within the CBRNe disposal and risk mitigation market, by supporting management’s commitment to be the ordnance disposal partner of choice globally.