Geveko Markings

Geveko Markings is a leading manufacturer and distributor of road marking products in Europe, employing +275 people.

About the company

Geveko Markings’ products are mainly used for marking roads, cycle paths, footpaths, airports, multi-story car parks, industrial locations, city centers and school playgrounds. The company has a flexible manufacturing setup and is able to manufacture some of the highest quality products available in the market. Geveko Markings’ manufacturing footprint is located across Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany, and Scotland as well as through JVs in Chile, Brazil and China.

Our strategy

Geveko Markings is strongly positioned to continue to benefit from the underlying demand for road maintenance and new road construction. Solix intends to continue to develop Geveko Markings as the leading manufacturer of road marking products in Europe and to accelerate sales growth through focusing resources on underpenetrated markets, investments in manufacturing capabilities and product development.