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Geveko Markings

Geveko Markings is a leading international manufacturer of materials for road markings, safety markings, and decorative horizontal applications.

About the company

Geveko Markings offers solutions that enhance road safety, guide people to their destination, and transform public surfaces into beautiful and playful environments. The company’s products are used for marking roads, bicycle lanes, footpaths, airports, multi-story car parks, industrial locations, city centres, and playgrounds.

Geveko Markings employs more than 500 people and has a flexible production setup with manufacturing operations in 11 countries. The company manufactures some of the highest quality products available in the market. Products and solutions are supplied across all main continents through a global distribution set-up.


Our strategy

Geveko Markings is set to benefit from increasing road maintenance and road construction demand. Solix will continue to develop Geveko Markings as the leading road markings manufacturer in Europe by growing sales in underpenetrated markets and investing in manufacturing and product development.