How We Work

To assist our companies, we make a dedicated Solix team available, who supports the Board of Directors and management in achieving the long-term shareholder value-creation plan. The plan will identify key strategic value-enhancing initiatives and map out actions and milestones for realising these. Our focus will be on growth, operational excellence, sustainability, corporate structuring, and balance sheet customisation.


Top-line growth is key to long-term value creation. We are therefore continuously on the look-out for growth and expansion opportunities and are always prepared to invest in viable growth initiatives such as product development, entry into new markets and customer segments and sales expansion activities and initiatives, which can accelerate the transition to a sustainable world.

Operational Excellence

We use benchmark against the best and use our own experience, creativity, and in-house ideas, to identify the most value-enhancing operational levers. For example, cost structure optimisation and flexibility, R&D processes, the manufacturing footprint, sales, and marketing efficiency and working capital management. A thorough understanding of these factors allows us to realistically set ambitious goals and define and implement an execution plan to create best-in-class companies.

Corporate Structure

To ensure the optimal development of our companies, we will continuously evaluate what the ideal corporate structure should be. We will pursue bold strategic initiatives such as divestment of non-core entities as well as large industrial acquisitions, which have the potential to transform the trajectory of the company and the face of the industry within which it operates.

Balance Sheet Customisation

We work to ensure that each group holding has a robust and strong balance sheet that allows the company to achieve its strategy. For the right value-creating initiatives, there are no limitations on the additional capital that Solix can provide.