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Hoyer is a leading supplier of customised low voltage electric motors and transmission products to the Marine and Industrial sectors, primarily in Europe and Asia. Based in Hadsten, Denmark, the company has a total of +200 employees in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Poland, Benelux, China, and Korea.

About the company

Hoyer sells own-branded as well as customer specific products and offers key value-added services to its customers, such as logistics, technical customization, quality assurance and technical documentation. Hoyer is a leading supplier of electric motors for various OEM solutions, e.g. hydraulic power units, ventilation systems, and pumps.


Our strategy

Solix aims to accelerate Hoyer’s growth by investing in new sales initiatives and increased product development, while also further enhancing Hoyer’s key value-added service offering in order to cement its position as a leading supplier serving the OEM segment.