About Solix

We primarily invest in companies based in Northern Europe, and preferably companies that are domiciled in Denmark or Sweden.

Who we are

Solix is at the helm of a group of high-quality international companies in a diverse set of industrial sectors. We acquire and develop companies that have a clear potential to deliver sustainable and superior shareholder value. We do this by focusing on the specifics of each company and the industry within which it is active, and by providing it with the capital and resources required to fulfill its ambitions.


Guiding principles

We only invest in companies operating in markets and sectors, which we have the ability to fully understand.

We always take a long-term perspective, which goes beyond our own ownership horison. We are prepared to sacrifice short-term profitability for long-term value creation.

As direct shareholders in all our companies, we have the ambition and patience to develop them into sustainable, market-leading organisations and to create long-term value for all our stakeholders.

Solix wants to play an active part in the transition to a sustainable world. We do so by investing in companies which already have or can develop the technology required to transition the global economy to a sustainable state.


Investment approach

We deliberately adopt a very focused approach, which allows us to dedicate maximum resources to developing a handful of highly attractive companies.

We embrace complex situations, where we can apply our broad range of skills and experience and demonstrate our ability to make informed commercial decisions in difficult circumstances.

Our lean decision-making process and our agile corporate structure allow us to make decisions and commitments in real time, as our key decision makers are directly involved in evaluating potential investment opportunities and developing our group holdings.